Seafood can be enjoyed across the globe – it’s certainly a favourite of mine. With so much choice available, it comes as no surprise that there are endless dishes that have become famous across many cultures. So before you get crabby (no pun intended), let us take a look!

Japan: Sushi

We all know this Japanese delicacy that has become popular all over the world. Made up of vinegared rice, served with raw fish or vegetables, the dish can be enjoyed in all different forms. From rice nigiri, maki or temaki.

United Kingdom: Fish and Chips

This classic UK dish has been enjoyed by Brits for centuries. Consisting of deep-fried cod or haddock and served with thick-cut fried chips, fish and chips has gained popularity in many parts of the world. Whether in a pub or on the beach, the dish served with tartar sauce, ketchup or vinegar will be enjoyed.

Spain: Paella

This Spanish dish which originated in the Valencia region consists of rice served with a variety of seafood: mussels, prawns and squid, adding vegetables, sometimes chorizo or chicken. Paella is often cooked on an open flame and is best enjoyed with a class of rich, red wine.

France: Lobster Thermidor

This boujie dish is often served only on special occasions or in high-end French restaurants. Made up of cooked lobster meat mixed in creamy sauce made from brandy, egg yolks and heavy cream, the luxurious dish is baked until golden brown. You’re lucky if you get the chance to try this one!

Peru: Ceviche

Made up of raw fish, marinated in citrus juices such as lemon and lime, the traditional Peruvian dish is often served with onions chilli, peppers and corn. The acid from the citrus juices ‘cook’ the fish, giving it a unique flavour and interesting texture. Peruvians love this dish, and claim is it light and refreshing on a warm day.

India: Fish Curry

The popular Indian dish is fish cooked in a spicy, flavourful curry sauce. Made up from a variety of spices: turmeric, cumin, chilli, coriander and more, fish curry can be made with a variety of fish. The most popular ones include salmon, cod and tilapia.

United States: Clam Chowder

Clam chowder can be found in many parts of the US, however, is renowned in New England. Its thick, creamy soup is made up of clams, potatoes, celery and onions and is often served in a bread bowl. Americans enjoy the comforting, warm, filling dish on cold winter days.

Seafood is a versatile cuisine that is enjoyed all over the world, from clam chowder in the United States, to spicy curries in India. Whether you prefer a classic fish and chips by the beach or an exotic paella, there is a seafood dish for everyone.