A question we all have when having toast is what topping do you have? Here are 10 of the strangest toast toppings you can have.

Toast is one of the easiest snacks to have when you are peckish and it takes little to no effort. Which let’s be honest is perfect. You stick the bread in the toaster and wait for it to cook into a lovely golden toast. The only problem is, what topping do you put on? Jam? Cheese? Avocado? Or do you go something more adventurous? Well, we’ve decided to take a dive into the strangest toppings you can have on your toast.

1) Custard

To many people on TikTok, this one won’t seem that weird but to those who missed this viral trend, it’s a weird one. The custard is commonly a simple 3 ingredient custard made of Greek yoghurt, egg and maple syrup. You put this on your bread and then cook the bread in the oven rather than with a toaster. Like most viral food trends on TikTok, it’s weird but for some, it works as a nice breakfast.

2) Strawberry Margarita Jam

Waking up early for work can sometimes make you feel like having a drink to take the edge off in the morning. This boozy spread is perfect for a sweet toast topping while starting your mornings with a margarita boost. For many, having a spreadable version of a cocktail favourite is mouth-watering enough without the opportunity of adding it to your early morning toast.

3) Ghost Pepper Jelly

Speaking of taking the edge off in the morning, the ghost pepper jelly has you covered. Ghost peppers are known to be the hottest peppers in the world so this is one for the chilli connoisseurs out there. Spreading this all over your toast could be a recipe for disaster for those that can’t handle the heat. However, for those that can, a nice spicy toast with a glass of milk is a perfect combination.

4) Tea Jelly

Toast and tea are a classic combination on any morning and a flavour combination that many will be used to. But what if you could have both at the same time with half the effort? With tea jelly, you can do exactly that. Spread some tea jelly on your toast and voila. Or if you’re a tea lover, have the tea toast alongside a cup of tea for maximum effect.

5) Tinned Fish

Tinned fish is vague but that is because there are so many options for you to try. There’s tuna to sardines to mackerel that you can find tinned in a local supermarket. All there ready to be added to your toast for something a little bit different. Recently, tinned fish on toast has become more popular but still very strange.

6) Anchovy Onion Butter

Anchovies and onions aren’t for everybody, let alone as a combination together. However, if you are a fan of butter, the easy-to-make anchovy onion butter could be right up your alley. You can have this hot or cold over your toast to add a bit of crunch to your toasted snack. 

7) Condensed Milk

A classic ingredient in dessert can become a staple on your toast rather than mulling away in your cupboard. Condensed milk can be easily slathered all over your toast and you can easily control how much you add. Due to it being so sweet, condensed milk is an easy way of making your savoury toast a little sweeter. 

8) Olive Oil Butter

One of the most versatile on this list with how adaptable the flavouring can be. You can go for a normal olive oil butter or you can adapt it to have tomato, garlic, truffle etc. There’s a wide variety of options and is suitable for vegetarians and vegans. Olive oil isn’t one that usually comes to mind but in butter, it is easily spread over your toast and ready to provide olive goodness.

9) Spicy Honey

Similar to the ghost pepper jelly, the spicy honey is one that will provide a kick. Unlike the ghost pepper jelly though, you don’t have to go as hot as the ghost peppers and can go for ones a bit more manageable. The chilli-infused honey will provide that balance between sweet and savoury all in one bite. For people who love chilli and honey, this is one you need to try.

10) Chocolate Sprinkles

Most of us at some point in our lives have had chocolate spread on our toast, satisfying the child inside all of us. Now you can take that one step further with chocolate sprinkles. It is surprisingly a common toast topping in the Netherlands but one that everyone needs to try at least once (if you haven’t done so already).