Everyone usually throws away the mushy overripe bananas but here are 5 ways you can use them in desserts for you to love.

A banana turning to a horrible brown is a sad sight for any banana lover as it becomes too soft to eat as a snack. The perfect banana is now gone and there’s no other use for it than in the bin right? No. You can still use the overripe bananas to make some delicious desserts for friends and family to enjoy.

1) Banana Bread

Banana Bread

Banana bread is the one we all expected to be on this list and there’s a good reason why, this is a tried and tested classic. It is a classic for a reason and that’s because it is tasty. Not only does it use up your bananas but a great way of getting rid of the extra loaf of bread you shouldn’t have bought. This is probably the most simple on the list but that doesn’t mean it shouldn’t be taken lightly. This is a delicious classic.

At Behind the Bite, we perfected our own banana bread recipe using some overripe bananas that needed using up. Take a look at how we baked it below.

You can check out the full recipe here.

2) Banana Muffins

Banana Muffins

Who doesn’t love a good muffin? Overripe bananas give you the perfect excuse to make some delicious banana muffins. You can go simple and put no toppings on or you can get some icing on top, some walnuts or whatever else takes your fancy. It’s the perfect all-day dessert as you can have it for breakfast, dessert or even add it to your lunchbox for a snack at work. Either way, these versatile muffins are a great choice.

3) Microwave Banana Pudding

Microwave banana pudding

Overripe bananas may be super soft but that can be used to your advantage to create a cake batter with it. This makes it perfect for a good microwavable dessert sponge. Easy to make as there is little cooking involved. Just make the batter and stick it in the microwave for around 20 mins and voila! You have a dessert to tuck into.

4) Banana Fairy Cakes

Banana fairy cakes

Speaking of cake batter, it’s time for fairy cakes. The timeless classic that we all know and love can be made with your overripe bananas. Similar to the muffins, you can add toppings on top if you want to spice up your fairy cakes. These cakes will go down a storm at any school or workplace so they feel like a no-brainer to go and make.

5) Banana Ice Cream

banana ice cream

We may have saved the best till last. That’s right you can make yourself some banana ice cream from your very own home with these bananas. The best part is that they take very little effort and only require a freezer, a food processor and milk to give you the bare minimum of a basic banana ice cream. For those wanting to appease their sweet tooth, this is one for you.

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