A bowl of cereal is so last year! How about starting your day in a brighter way with a colourful smoothie bowl.

Look in your fruit bowl. If I had to guess, I would assume there is at least 1 or two overripe bananas, 2-3 apples wrinkling slightly and perhaps even a few little grapes trying to hide, bordering raisin form. But stop- don’t throw them away. Instead, have a go at turning these ugly waste foods into a beautiful, trendy and aesthetic smoothie bowl.

What is the point of a smoothie bowl? Why not just drink it with a straw and save all the airs and graces? Well, technically you could just whip up a smoothie and neck it down- but if you want a more civilised and nutritionally balanced affair to use up your fruit and impress your pals- smoothie bowls are the option for you.

Smoothie bowls are essentially more nutrient dense and thicker than a normal smoothie that you drink. Often topped with more fruit, nuts, muesli, or granola to make more of a meal out of it.

A perfect example of a stunning smoothie bowl is the one served at Pom Kitchen in Sheffield. A true work of art, ethically vegan, delicious and filling- it is the perfect example of a smoothie bowl.


I was invited down to try out the beautifully aesthetic Pom Kitchen in Crookes today! 🌸🌷🍓Not only was the cafe gorgeous- the food was too! 10/10 from us it is a Sheffield must try! #SheffsKiss #triedandtasted #behindthebite #Sheffieldfood #sheffieldfoodies #Pomkitchen #smoothiebowl #aestheticfood

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A refreshing blend of fruit served thick and scrumptious topped with a rainbow of exotic fruits, healthy vegan granola for crunch and peanut butter for an earthy depth and gooey chew. With the decedent touch of edible flowers, The Pom Kitchen version really is a bowl above the rest.

smoothie bowl at Pom Kitchen
Pom Pom Bowl, photo credit: Ella Brooker

Ideal for the warmer weather, smoothie bowls started off being served at ‘Instagrammable’ cafes to appeal to those dining for taste alongside the perfect shot for their social media.

However, albeit slightly less aesthetic, you can recreate this yourself at home (for a fraction of the price might I add) as a fantastic way to be more sustainable and use up your fruit.

When you spot your fruit starting to turn, either whip one up that morning- or cut it up and put it in your freezer, ready to make a smoothie bowl at any time.

If this becomes a breakfast of champions for you, just stock your cupboard up with a few essentials to elevate your smoothie bowls so you can use your fruit up in this way every time it starts to suffer.

Invest in a good granola to top it with- trust me this makes all the difference. A variety of seed such as chia, flax and hemp have a multitude of health benefits and add a lovely variety of texture.

To thicken your smoothie and add increase its protein content, you could buy some protein powder. They can be expensive to buy at first but last a very long time and are a great way of getting your protein intake up.

If protein powder is not for you, try Greek yoghurt- a staple many have in their fridge. This will also add a rich and creamy taste to your smoothie bowl.

Using leftover fruit as a base and dressing it up with whatever your preference is for a balanced bowl, you will be starting your day the right way- both for yourself and for the planet.