Whilst here in the UK, we’re used to egg McMuffins and bacon rolls, other countries have adapted the breakfast menu making it their own. From veggie McMuffins to twisty pasta, here are 5 different McDonalds breakfast items from around the world.

Hong Kong

Sausage N’ Egg Twisty Pasta

To some, pasta may seem like an odd food to have for breakfast, but in Hong Kong, this noodle bowl is a favourite. It includes pasta, fresh grade A eggs, sausage and hot chicken or tonkotsu broth with other greens.

Image credits: McDonalds Hong Kong



This open-faced sandwich is topped with cheese, refried beans and pico de gallo. On the side, a delicious Mexican sauce.

Image credits: McDonalds Mexico


Tostada de Ibérico

‘Tostada de Ibérico’ is a simple breakfast sandwich filled with Proscuitto and tomato slices, drizzled with olive oil.

Image credits: McDonalds Spain



This breakfast item is a multigrain bun with egg, cheese, grilled mushrooms, fresh arugula and a special sauce.

Image Credits: McDonalds Poland


Veg McMuffin

India is well known for their Mcdonald’s menu being vegetarian friendly, so no surprise that this veg McMuffin is on there. This includes an English muffin with cheese and a veggie patty made out of corn and spinach

Image credits: McDonalds India