YouTube channels can get a bad rep for being clickbaity and uninformative but Sorted Food have managed to do the opposite.

For one particular person, Sorted Food turned their takeaway filled weeks and empty bank accounts into enjoying cooking and the benefits of food.

Harry Ewing, 21, has only been watching Sorted Food for a couple of years but it has still had a lasting impact on his life.

“They have made cooking fun. Cooking used to scare me because of the fear of food poisoning and my food not tasting as good as what you can have in restaurants,” said Harry.

The channel is made up of a group of friends from university who came together from their love of food and creating content bringing together their expertise from the various courses they took at university.

Their videos mix together home cooks and professional chefs in creative ways to make cooking fun.

“I often watch them while I eat because their videos are the perfect length,” Harry added. “Most of their videos are roughly 20 minutes long which means I don’t have to scroll like you would or TikTok or change the video halfway through eating.”

In some of the videos on the channel, they travel together to various places across the world to celebrate the local dishes in that area and get people to appreciate the food from their area.

Harry said: “Thanks to these guys I have grown to appreciate my own culture and the food you can get here in the UK.”

Before watching Sorted Food for the first time, Harry was in debt and kept buying takeaways to avoid cooking and going to the shop.

This got to 2 or 3 takeaways a day where he would have it for both lunch and dinner.

“They have changed the way I look at food. I am now experimenting with flavours which is better than ordering takeaways.

“I was in a dark place eating pesto pasta every single day and in the worst shape of my life. I was eating for the sake of it rather than because I enjoyed what I was eating,” said Harry.

In videos, Sorted Food have badges for their creators for if they create food that tastes really good.

These badges are often given out in videos where they compete for them but are sometimes given out in random episodes if the food is on another level.

“It has even changed my personality,” Harry said. “I now go to the gym, come home and make some food for myself. Even if I don’t have much in the house, I will make something out of random ingredients which is what they encourage you to do.”

Sorted Food is all about making great flavours. It’s not like MasterChef where presentation is a large factor, it’s about big punchy flavours that excite the palate.

Harry said that he would 100% recommend Sorted Food to anyone who doesn’t enjoy cooking. He said their personalities are great and they create content that has great rewatchability.

He finished by saying, “I have felt so many benefits from watching their content and learning from them. I now feel far less anxious about food.”