Discover our handpicked dishes that will transform your Vegan BBQ. There’s something for everybody, ensuring nothing short of plant-based perfection for you and your guests.

There’s nothing worse than being the only vegan at a family BBQ. Cast aside by the meat eating head chef (your dad), left to feed off the scraps of salad while everyone tucks in. This guide gives you the tools to do it differently, to do it the vegan way!

Tofu skewers

For this mouth watering Chicken Skewer alternative all you’ll need is some skewers, firm tofu and a selection of your favourite summer veggies. But these are not the stars of the show they are simply the vessels to which many delicious sauces and marinades can be added.

Some of our favourites include Satay, Salt and Pepper seasoning and Tandoori. Don’t be afraid to be creative with this dish!

Pulled Jackfruit

Pulled Jackfruit is a great option to pre-make in the kitchen before your BBQ begins. Add the jackfruit to a tangy concoction of your favourite BBQ seasonings, canned tomatoes and BBQ sauce. Then you just let is simmer and slowly breakdown before it’s ready to be pulled.

If you like things extra saucy you can finish them with a glug of the good stuff. Goes great between vegan brioche buns or on the side of a plate full of charred goodness.

Lions Mane Mushroom ‘Steak’

The Lions Mane mushroom. Probably the most bizarre looking ingredient on this entire guide. Similar in appearance to, you guessed it, a lions mane! However, it’s not on here for it’s appearance, it’s here for it’s meaty texture and great taste! They make the perfect substitute for a sizzling, meaty steak.

When grilled at a high heat they get a fantastic sear on them and their bizarre shape actually helps to retain any marinades or seasonings you put on them. The best part about these is you can find them in the wild! A foragers delight, seasonal in June to October, perfect for British summer!

Stuffed Peppers

Stuffed peppers are the perfect side to sweeten things up a little. They arguably grill better than any other vegetable your market has to offer. Simply slice them in half, get rid of the insides and add your favourite rice. Then grill them skin side down, watch them blister and enjoy. We love to fill sweet peppers with a Spanish style rice or a Moroccan style couscous. Delicious!

The Meatless burger

Believe it or not this burger is completely vegan! Across the shelves, meatless burgers are probably the most similar tasting to their counterparts. They look brilliant, smell brilliant and even taste brilliant. Meatless farms and Beyond Burger are two great options although others are still available.

They’re high in protein and are actually super juicy after a couple of minutes grilling. Top with your favourite vegan cheese and condiments on a soft bun. Even your carnivorous friends will be fooled by this one! Definitely give this a go.

Garlic Portobello Mushrooms

A classic summer party starter. Brush your mushrooms down with a mixture of melted vegan butter, parsley and garlic, then just toss them on the grill and watch them brown up. The scent alone will have your mouth watering before they’ve even been served!

Vegan Sausages

This one is totally down to preference. There are tonnes of vegan friendly sausages out there from frozen to fresh, to Cumberland and caramelised onion. They all go well on the barbie and that’s all that matters. These will be a solid asset to your BBQ and can be used for hot dogs or just eaten on their own.

Grilled Pineapple

Those of you with a sweet tooth, you seriously didn’t think we’d forget about you?! Inspired by Brazilian Churrasco, this dish is bound to flood your taste buds with a refreshing, sweet punch after a savoury mountain of grilled goodies.

To prepare you peel the pineapple, put it on a skewer, top them with a complimentary seasoning and grill. Traditionally, they are topped with cinnamon sugar but a chilli dusting also works surprisingly well.

Now you have plenty of vegan BBQ delights to try out to appease the vegans amongst the family and create a great day that everyone will remember!