The sweet taste of an apple with the crunch as you bite into it is perfect for a snack but it is also perfect for a dessert.

Apples have been used in desserts across the world due to their taste and versatility.

Although they originated in Kazakhstan, apple seeds have since travelled across Europe and the rest of the world.

Here are 5 desserts from around the world that use the amazing apple:

Italy – Fig and honey apple polenta cake

This traditional Italian dessert originated from San Marino. It’s filled with chunks of apples, dried figs, orange zest, lemon zest, olive oil, honey, and uncooked polenta.

This dessert is packed with flavour with all the ingredients being native to San Marino.

Although, the cake is known to be a little dense so might be worth adding some cream or ice cream to your shopping list if you plan on trying this one.

France – Gâteau aux Pommes

With a name like that, you knew it was going to be a French dessert. This is in short, a French adaptation of an apple cake.

It is a classic dessert topped with chunks of apple, vanilla and powdered sugar making it a perfect dessert for a novice chef to try out. If you are feeling adventurous, you could include raisins, nuts or sweet spices like cinnamon or nutmeg.

But it wouldn’t be on this list without a definitive difference from the original. The Gâteau aux Pommes incorporates a buttery rum into the cake batter which gives this dessert a surprising and welcomed kick when you eat it.

China – Tanghulu

Tanghulu is a Beijing style dessert that is also commonly known as the Chinese toffee apple.

This is a popular candied fruit snack in Northern China that is often sold as street food. Unlike traditional soft candied fruit, this has a hard crunchy shell around the fruit due to the hardened sugar syrup.

In this instance, the Tanghulu is served on a bamboo skewer with crab apples being the fruit of choice. So if you want your crunchy apples even crunchier, this one’s for you.

Slovenia – Prekmurska Gibanica

This unique looking part cake and part pastry dessert is a Slovene national specialty originating from the Prekmurje region in Slovenia.

It is layered with strudel, jams, fruit compotes, walnuts, cottage cheese and poppy seeds with the bottom layer being a flaky pastry crust. As you can imagine, Prekmurska Gibanica is rich and packed full of flavour.

Its succession of colourful and tasty stuffing combine to make a succulent but heavy dessert that is sure to fill you up after a meal.

Poland – Szarlotka

This layered dessert has an apple cinnamon fruit filling that is sandwiched between two layers of shortbread cookie style dough. It has been enjoyed in Poland for centuries with its origins being traced back to the Middle Ages.

Nowadays, this dessert is found in almost every Polish café in Poland but how it is made varies from baker to baker. Although it’s commonly found with apples and spices in the filling, some include raisins or almonds.

This dessert doesn’t end there though, it has a topping. Like the rest of this dessert, the topping varies from person to person.

Some have a meringue topping while others have a crumble or even a dollop of sour cream. No matter what way the Szarlotka is made, it is one hell of a tasty way of using apples.

Now you have 5 tasty desserts to try using apples for the next time you get your star baker apron out in the kitchen.