Feeling hot, hot, hot… let us embark on a journey to discover the spiciest dishes from across the globe.

Ahh, the thrilling feeling of a fiery dish before you frantically reach for a glass of milk in panic – or not. From blistering curries to tongue-tickling peppers – we venture down the road of the world’s spiciest dishes.

Vindaloo – India

The legendary vindaloo – originating from the region of Goa, this feisty curry blends robust flavours with an intense chilli kick.

Traditionally made with a blend of vinegar, garlic and aromatic spices, it packs a powerful punch. Along with other spices, the generous use of Kashmiri, red chillies and cumin, the Vindaloo is a true test of even the strongest person’s spice tolerance. 

Sichuan Hot Pot – China

Prepare your taste buds for the mouth-numbing experience as we venture into the realm of Sichuan cuisine.

The Sichuan hot pot, beloved in China, consists of a simmering pot of spicy broth infused with Sichuan peppercorns, hot chilli peppers, vegetables, tofu or thinly sliced meat. Cooked with an array of ingredients and spices, the searing dish combined with the unique numbing sensation of Sichuan peppercorns creates a memorable fiery feast. 

Kimchi Jigae – Korea

Celebrated for its vibrant flavours, Kimchi Jigae is a traditional spicy stew.

Packed with fermented cabbage, pork, today and array of vegetables, this dish is a shining example of the perfect balance between heat and tanginess. Korean chilli powder, known as gochugaru, lends its deep red colour and fiery taste, making Kimchi Jigae an unforgettable spicy delight.

Green Curry – Thailand

Thai food is well known for its exciting cuisine, cherished for its exotic flavours, green curry is a standout example of the perfect spicy offering.

Based with fresh green chillies, thai basil, lemongrass and coconut milk, this carry packs in a wallop of heat. Often prepared with meat such as chicken or seafood, it is best enjoyed with steamed jasmine rice. Its blend of flavours alongside its fiery kick, this dish creates a harmonious blend symphony on your plate.

Suicide Chicken Wings – United States

For those seeking the ultimate heat challenge, look no further than the suicide chicken wings. With its roots in the US, these wings are marinated in a scorching hot sauce made from a variety of hot red chillies such as the Carolina Reaper and the Trinidad Morgua Scorpion.

These absolute killers are not for the weak, and require a true passion to conquer the world of spice.

Exploring the world’s spiciest dishes takes us on a global journey of culinary delight. From the feisty vindaloo in India to the suicide chicken wings – yep, its in the name, spice gives us that thrilling kick that we all need, from time to time.